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Tomb 7 - Once dismantled, an earth filled wall lined grave was found under the broken sandstone foundation stone.

The earth was levelled and a lime concrete foundation was laid.

The monument was then rebuilt using hydraulic lime mortar and stanless steel cramps.

Tomb 9 - The earth was lifted to expose another wall lined grave.
Tomb 6 Video Commentary to follow

Tomb 6 - Once the tomb was dismantled it was left down for a week so that any visitors could inspect it. The painted inscription panel was lightly cleaned and any loose paint fragments consolidated.

The tomb was then rebuilt using lime mortar and stainless steel cramps.

The sandstone plinth was infilled with blocks.

It was decided to return the newly discovered inscription back as it was found - facing inside.

It has been established that Philip West was from Dyrham and died March 4th 1770. More information will be posted in the genealogy pages when available.