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Tomb number 9 - Archaeological investigation of the adjacent wall lined grave. Click on the walled grave link for detailed information.
Tomb number 8 - Investigation of the grave behind tomb 8.

Tomb number 6 - The roots of the overhanging Yew tree had disrupted this monument where the sides were falling in.

Whilst the tomb was dismantled, an inscription and carvings were discovered on the inside face of the south side panel.

It was in very good condition with a white lime wash over the entire side, a black painted inscription cartouche and a yellow ground (originally gilded over) still surviving on the tendril carvings.

The plinth stones were laid on a level mortar bed and then infilled with stones and blocks.

Tomb number 5 - This tomb was at a precarious angle so was totally dismantled so the bare earth foundations could be examined.

A lime concrete foundation was allowed to set before all individual stone elements were rebuilt.