Tomb number 3 - Although the base was sound, the iron cramps had rusted affecting the stability of the tomb.

The lid of the tomb was lifted so access to the cramps could be gained, allowing their replacement with stainless steel cramps.

The side panels will be drilled and pinned across the weakened bedding planes.

Tomb number 8 is relatively sound. Joints were raked out and cleaned, then repointed in a hydraulic lime mortar. In addition to its conservation, it was necessary to investigate a void beneath the tomb which threw up some interesting results described on the page for week 3.

Tomb number 4 - The base of this tomb was repaired using stone tiles and a hydraulic lime mortar.

Evidence of rusting iron was found in the south west corner, so further investigation was carried out by lifting the top stones.

The exposed rusting iron was removed and replaced with stainless steel.

Tomb number 2 - The iron cramps in this tomb had broken most of the stone corners of the side panels, affecting the structural stability of the monument.

Therefore once dismantled a block core was built up the middle of the monument into which each side could be cramped with new stainless steel cramps.

The missing corners were then mortar repaired onto armatures and the open joints pointed up using a hydraulic lime mortar.

Tomb number 9- commentary to follow.

Tomb number 1 was in a poor state, covered with ivy and with one side lying on the ground covered with soil and grass. It was thought likely that the side lying on the ground would have an inscription on it and this proved to be the case. In addition, much of the carving on that face has been quite well preserved and is shown in the pictures above. This was an exciting early find.

No digging out beneath the tomb was necessary, only clearing out of collected debris and the creation of a small gap in the grass all around the perimeter of the tomb.

There is considerable delamination, evident now that the ivy has been cleared, which will need to be treated to arrest its further development.

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