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Tomb number 3. After digging out the plinth and footings, old cement and lime ash pointing were raked out and cleared of earth and roots.
Tomb number 8 - Digging around the footings has identified four roughly shaped stone slabs over an earth filled stone lined grave. More details of this find appear in week 3 pictures and there is a page dealing with walled graves available here.
Tomb number 4 - The earth was dug out around the plinth where frost damaged and missing stones were repaired with stone tiles and hydraulic lime mortar.
Tomb number 7 - The digging out of footings around this tomb helped to identify causes of failure.

Tomb number 1 was in a poor state, covered with ivy and with one side lying on the ground covered with soil and grass. It was thought likely that the side lying on the ground would have an inscription on it and this proved to be the case. In addition, much of the carving on that face has been quite well preserved and is shown in the pictures above. This was an exciting early find.

No digging out beneath the tomb was necessary, only clearing out of collected debris and the creation of a small gap in the grass all around the perimeter of the tomb.

There is considerable delamination, evident now that the ivy has been cleared, which will need to be treated to arrest its further development.