Work in Progress


This page and the links above present full details of the progress of the project. The aim has been to keep up to date with all stages of the work so that those wishing to use the information generated would have immediate access without having to be on site. This aim has been achieved.

Tenders for the work were received from four potential conservation contractors. Evaluation of these tenders completed on 17th May 2010 when it was decided to place the contract with Nimbus Conservation.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007applied to this project. Prior to start of work on site, the Project Team had to appoint a qualified person to carry out work on its behalf to assess Health and Safety issues surrounding the work and to liaise with the appointed contractor to provide information for him to complete his part of the requirement - the "construction phase plan". This plan is a document recording the health and safety arrangements, site rules and any special measures for the construction work phase. "Health and Safety Associates" - a well respected company in this field - undertook this work on behalf of the Project Team. See supporting documents.


Progress on "Approved Purposes"

Approved purposes Summary of progress Percentage complete
To ensure that this important collection of memorials and tombs is preserved for the future and made safely accessible to the local community and visitors to the church

Outside tombs conservation completed.

Wall memorials contract work completed.

Extras - urn and flowers for Frankcom memorial completed.

To provide opportunities to those who wish to learn about the history of a small village community through study, interpretation and participation

Marshfield History Society event held.

Young people's historical guide to West Littleton available.
Church trail leaflets for school visit produced.
School visit completed 9th September 2010.

To provide an opportunity for education and training to preserve a range of important heritage skills. Work experience has been provided by Nimbus for a student from City of Bath College. 100%
To extend these opportunities to those who do not normally have the chance to visit and learn about such sites.

Wickwar Wednesday Walking Group visited work in progress. Website links established.

Marshfield History Society event was opened to everyone and had wide attendance.

To increase public awareness and knowledge by providing a well documented site, including displays and leaflets together with website access, as a basis for learning about these important aspects of our heritage.

Dedicated website nearing completion. It will be maintained online until April 2020. Additional material especially in the genealogy pages will be added as it becomes available..

Display boards placed in the church.

Permanent display board erected and filled with project information and pictures.

Archive photo albums completed. An album for general use and display is in hand.

A comprehensive record of the work and information about the church has been set out in a booklet available in the church for visitors to use during their visit or buy to take away. It is available for download from this website here.

To research the family history of those commemorated on the memorials and those commemorated on and buried in the tombs and to enable others to learn about such history. Sustantial information on six families shown on website. Research ongoing. 80%
To evaluate the project Final report received from Nimbus. Project evaluation completed and report written. Contract concluded. 100%


The contract has completed.

The contract ran well during the contract period and the complications of dealing with the Hillier memorial have been overcome. Mainly dry weather allowed the outside work on the tombs to be progressed first. There have been some exciting discoveries providing information which will further the investigations on the genealogy front and the relevant pages on this site will be further updated as confirmed data becomes available. Some contract extras for the Frankcom memorial have been completed. Check out the details of how the work was done using the progress links above - you will not be disappointed.

The memorials inside the church were the focus of attention for the last five weeks of the contract and work on them has completed. The top urn of the Frankcom memorial and the missing flower decorations havel been replaced with plaster replicas as an addition to the contract.

A luncheon to mark the end of the contract has been held, attended by representatives of the major donors, the Nimbus team and the St James project team.

Supporting documents


CDM regulations guidance notes can be viewed here

HSA fee bid response

HSA pre-construction information

Press release July 2010

Bath Chronicle article July 2010 by kind permission

West Littleton Village and Church booklet