Repairs in the last 28 years

A major programme of repairs to the church roof and all guttering and downpipes was undertaken in 1993. This involved stripping all the Cotswold stone roof tiles, relining the roof, replacing/renewing the tiles and renewing (or installing where necessary) all flashings and repairing coping stones.

The opportunity was taken to rectify problems with the historic church bell whilst the scaffolding was in place for repairs to the roof. The bell was in danger of cracking due to the rusting of the iron insert at the crown of the bell. A new method of hanging the bell was also advised and implemented.

Work on the bell was specified and overseen by the Diocesan bells expert Rev. David Cawley.

The church interior was completely repainted after the work was finished.

Note the involvement of parishioners in carrying out some of this work - very much frowned upon today!

The last major work on the church was in 1996 when it became necessary to completely rewire the church after problems with the overheating of the electricity supply and fears for the safety of the installed system.

There have been many other upkeep tasks undertaken over these years including replacement of some of the windows and repointing work to help exclude damp

. Substantial repointing of the chancel arch outside wall was undertaken in May 2013 to try to cure the excessive penetration of damp there.

Church interior