Marshfield Primary School

The partnership with Marshfield Primary School will allow the School to develop a cross curricular enrichment programme and the enhancement of the Creative Curriculum through a challenging key Stage 1 and 2 programme involving around 130 pupils. This will be based on the programme of conservation work which will allow the children to learn through their own experiences and to appreciate the importance of this heritage and its preservation. The programme of conservation will bring the project alive and allow the children to feel part of this important part of our heritage and its preservation in its original setting. Periods will be set aside during the work when the children will learn about the various aspects of the work by listening to and watching the conservators. Hands on experience will be incorporated wherever possible. Curriculum requirements met will include those for history, the environment, conservation, artwork, literacy and numeracy.

Marshfield and District Local History Society

The aim of the partnership with the Marshfield and District History Society is to develop a lecture and workshop series covering the history of the church, its memorials and tombs, the results of the research, and an insight into the conservation process. We are planning to organise an initial lecture to be held early in 2010 with a target audience of 50 leading to increased awareness about the history and heritage of the church and its significance, its memorials and tombs, and the opportunities offered by the project for ongoing learning and participation. This will be followed by a series of 3 workshops with target audiences of 10-20:

We hope that the project will act as a catalyst for getting people involved and for raising awareness about the importance of our history and heritage. There will be ongoing work with the Society to determine how best to develop this initial lecture/workshop series and open it to a wider audience.

National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS)

We have been in discussion with our local branch (Kington Langley) and have identified a need for more people to be interested in Church Recording. This project will provide an ideal opportunity to encourage this interest and to build up numbers. We would aim for a first group of 10-15 to be trained in church recording by current NADFAS Recorders commencing in early 2010. We are also discussing with “Young NADFAS” the development of a “History Trail” based on the church and village.

Cotswold AONB Voluntary Wardens

We hope to contribute to the aims of the Cotswold AONB Voluntary Wardens by providing a well documented site of historical and heritage interest for walkers and other visitors. We hope to raise public awareness of the history and heritage of the village and church by providing access to new groups who might otherwise never visit such a site. We hope to plan up to 4 guided walks per year each attracting up to 20 walkers.

Ramblers' Association

We plan to provide the opportunity for ramblers and walkers to stop and learn about the history and heritage and its significance, through the displays in the church, by seeing the conservation work, and through talking to Project Team members. We hope to open this experience to the wider audience reflected by the membership of the Ramblers' Association including younger members and those from the city of Bristol. Our project will provide an added attraction for walkers from the Cotswold Way which passes nearby.

The target is for at least 3 walks per year which include St James's Church as a specific destination to learn about the history and heritage. However, the greater opportunity lies with those who just happen to be passing through. We will attract this wide and diverse audience to our historical and informative displays in the church, encouraging many to further their interest.

Other supporting information

Consultations. We have consulted English Heritage, South Gloucestershire Council, the Bristol DAC and the Church Buildings Council. We have also met with the team at St Mary's Church Painswick, Gloucestershire where a similar project is in progress.

Disabled access. The site is accessible to the disabled.

Public access. The site is fully accessible and the church itself remains open at all times.