Conservation Report

Prepared by Sally Strachey Historic Conservation



To the south of  West Littleton Church there can be found a fine series of monuments, nine of which are listed.  These monuments are not only intricate, stylish and detailed structures to commemorate loved ones but also are invaluable evidence of the social history of the community of West Littleton. 

Concerns have been raised over a number of years both by the architect  and members of the parish as to the structural stability, loss of detail and legibility of the nine listed monuments. The PCC commissioned a conservation report in 1996 on the nine churchyard monuments and the wall memorials inside the church to assist with the application for grants to finance this project.  The finance was not forthcoming and the conservation programme was shelved.

In 2008 the PCC revived the project for  the conservation of the churchyard monuments as well as the internal memorials. A follow up report was commissioned in March 2009 to assist with the programming and funding of the project as well as reviewing their condition and the recommendations for treatment.  The 1996 numbering of the churchyard monuments has been retained for ease of reference and the site visits took place throughout March 2009.


The full report includes a detailed assessment of the condition of each tomb and memorial with photographs of their condition as of April 2009 as well as full recommendations for the action required to be taken for their conservation.

The report forms the foundation for the specification produced for seeking tenders for the conservation work from competing contractors.

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