The overall condition of the church is described in the Environmental Conditions Report prepared by Sally Strachey Historic Conservation in June 2009.



The conservation programme is described fully in the Conservation Report prepared by Sally Strachey Historic Conservation in April 2009. The conservation of the memorials and listed chest tombs using recognised and approved conservation techniques will be carried out in accordance with this report. It will also provide the opportunity through training to preserve a range of important heritage skills. The appointed conservators will be required to incorporate a training programme in their proposal.

Tender process

The work will be carried out by the appointed conservators who will be selected after a formal tender (minimum 3) process supervised by the architect. This will be carried out during January 2010. The conservation work will provide a framework in which to make heritage skills, history, social history, archaeology, architecture and art history relevant to a wide range of ages and interest levels. This will be achieved in association with our partners. In particular we aim to:

Masons and Conservators working on the project will provide ongoing briefing for casual visitors and passers-by but also a formal programme of site-based talks, demonstrations and open days. The site-based talks and demonstrations will cover a range of important heritage skills including masonry, archaeological recording and conservation. A realistic target for the duration of the project work will be for one site-based talk (probably in association with the local History Society), two demonstrations (one for the work on the memorials and one for the tombs), and one open day. The aim will be to attract up to 50 for the talk, 15-20 for each of the demonstrations and 100 for the open day. We may decide to incorporate the open day with our 2010 Village Gardens Open event which would provide a potential audience of 500 over 2 days. There will also be specialist sessions linked to the Marshfield School project. Once the work is complete, we will discuss with the Conservators the most effective way of using the preserved heritage to provide continuing opportunities for training and learning.